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When it is better to lease and not to buy new technology

tech5Technology advances takes place on daily basis and the business may feel as if they need implementing latest changes in order to keep up against the competitions. In the business, the technology may take different aspects such as mechanization of processes and systems or computerization.

Buying new technology is necessary in making the business efficient and in helping the people to keep up with competition. Some businesses are tempted to purchase some new technology outright and to use it as they like. It is always good to understand the advantages with disadvantages of buying the new technology for a small business. In some situations, leasing may be appropriate according to the circumstances.

When you buy a new device, you are the owner of it. You may alter or upgrade the technology any how you like it in order to accommodate the needs of your business. You are the one who creates the schedule of maintenance and you give the guidelines on when it has to be replaced or repaired. When you lease certain equipments, you should use the customization ideas from the leasing organization and you can hope that everything goes well while you implement your project. You cannot repair or replace anything on the equipments. This means that when leased equipment fails, the user may not use it waiting for the leasing company to repair it.

When you buy new equipment, you qualify for tax reduction. Many businesses can qualify for tax reduction unless they are leasing the equipment from another organization or if it is the equipments that it is used to generate and to distribute solar energy.

An advantage of leasing is also the disadvantage for the ownership is that it takes time of replacing a new technology. Sometime the equipment may not be upgraded and the solution may be to replace it. For a person who has purchased the equipment, the cost of replacing the equipment is his, however for the leased equipment, the business can ask for new equipment and it will be brought to the business without spending too much on it.

If you want to finance the new technology, you may need to pay the down payment up to 20 percent. If your business does not have enough money to pay the down payment, getting the loan from a bank may be too expensive. Financing may require taking the loan with high interest and this can make the monthly payment high. The leasing payment is not based on the interest or principle and it is most of the time lower. For a small business, technology may offer both advantages with disadvantages. Technology helps small business to compete at a global stage. Internet helps a retailer to sell his products to different people who are in different areas. Innovation technology helps the business to keep the cost at the minimum. When automation is used, a small business may reduce the dependence he has on the humans in production process. This may reduce employee expenses such turnover, benefits and salary.